Top Drug Corp has a simple and single mission:

Aligned with programs, services and relationships to increase both the value of its shareholder independent pharmacies and the corporation.

Top Drug Corp is a “member participation” program which recognises that independents need independence and the support to operate and manage their businesses in our highly competitive marketplace.

With innovative offerings, Top Drug Corp offers core and optional programs that fit and offer customised solutions for each community independent pharmacy.

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Press Release February 1, 2016

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Leadership Team and Experience

The Top Drug Corp Management team is composed of experienced leaders with decades of experience in Canadian Pharmacy and in particular Independent Pharmacy.

Larry Latowsky, founder and CEO of Top Drug Corp, was formally the President and CEO of shareholder owned Drug Trading Company and President and CEO of Katz Group Canada.

The members of the team all have a minimum of twenty plus years in the Ontario Pharmacy market and have experienced the competitive pressures and market challenges. Experience is knowledge and adapted to logical solutions and strategies.

Shareholders, Recognition and Respect

Top Drug Corp is committed to having aligned interests that recognise the mutual values of the corporation and the independent stores mutually represent to one another.

The corporation respects that each store represents a building block of the success of the total network and to the value of the brand. As such, every participating store will become shareholders and benefit from all activities that the corporation has engaged.